Support and good-quality coaching for rope bottoms


I am committed to providing support and good-quality education for rope bottoms. Building on my background in Sexological Bodywork by Joseph Kramer and my studies with Betty Martin, as well as a decade of my own rope bottoming experience and diverse body practices, I bring various somatic aspects such as breathing, movement, posture, non-verbal communication and placement of attention into my teaching. 

Generally speaking, I do not think it is necessary to have a formal education to enjoy rope. Naturally from birth, we all have the capacity to feel what is going on, to enjoy what we like, and to refuse what we don’t like. There are non-verbal communication cues that we would naturally send out and our partners would naturally pick up. In the ideal world, taking bottoming workshops is not necessary. 

Unfortunately, in the real world, we are all not so natural, as many of us growing up picked up a great deal of unnatural behavior along the way. Many of us learned not to listen to our body’s own wisdom, but to comply and tolerate… Many of us learned to hold our emotions down, to control, and to resist the flow. Many of us carry memories of trauma in our body.


My main competency and my focus is always on the body as a base for your exploration in rope bondage. I’m convinced that through increasing our internal awareness and trusting the wisdom of our body we can deepen our rope bottoming experience, making it more conscious, internal and safe.

At this point, my idea of education is (for both the group setting and individual coaching) to create an environment to encourage you to follow your deepest, natural impulses and give them more value than your learned behavior. When we trust our body’s wisdom, that’s when the best rope bottoming happens.

I am available for individual coachings, as well as group workshops and events. My approach is non-dogmatic. It is not about doing things „right“. It is about finding what works for you to achieve your goals. When beneficial, we will do somatic exercises involving breath, movement, sound, and placement of attention to get you more into your body as a way to feel and become aware of what is happening internally. 

All starts with your intentions, questions and needs – get in touch with me!

Researching on surrender for many years now, I feel humbled by the complexity and depth of human nature and its various expressions of it. I do not claim I have all the answers and my only intention is to offer you some insights and to make sense of my observations of myself and others.
Natasha NawaTaNeko

Questions I might help with:

Body Scan Guided Meditation

Attention is like a muscle that needs to be trained so that we can use it. The more we practice directing our attention, the easier and more effortless it becomes over time. 

This simple somatic exercise can support your efforts to develop more presence in your body. It only takes a few minutes! What I love about this exercise is that it is completely intentionless. There is nothing you need to accomplish.

A body scan is simply a time of paying attention (to yourself). 

If you are just starting with this practice, it is helpful to find a quiet space and some uninterrupted time. When you find your mind wandering away during the practice, just notice it and gently invite your attention back to the sensations in your body. It’s not about judging how “well” you do, but the moment of noticing that matters.

Play with it for three weeks, it might cause a miracle in your rope bottoming! You will be lavishly rewarded for making the effort, when being tied with more colours, shades and depth to your experience — at the moment, in the here and now!

Somatics for Rope Bottoms

“Somatics for Rope Bottoms is an astonishing repository of body-based wisdom that will contribute tremendously to the exploding fields of somatic therapy and education”.                                                                            Joseph Kramer, Ph. D.