The professional background and practical experience in both somatics and rope bondage give the author a unique interdisciplinary perspective into the life of the body bound by rope. The book consists of 12 essays – somatic inquiries – inspiring the readers to look for the answers in their own body and re-claim their agency for the most important decisions that come up when we decide to explore kink. “Somatics for Rope Bottoms” is promoting the self-responsible and conscious approach to a kink in general and is relevant to all kinds of kinky adventures, no matter on what side, top or bottom…


Natasha NawaTaNeko is a Russian-born, Berlin-based experienced rope bottom, performer and educator. In Kinbaku, she is looking for true emotions and authenticity and sees rope bondage as a deeply intimate and erotic practice that has also a profound transformational potential. Building on her experience as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, in 2020 Natasha published a book about rope bottoming and its potential for personal, intimate self-inquiry: “Somatics for Rope Bottoms”.
Natasha keeps exploring her own resistance and surrender in the ropes of her partner Alexander Ma ever since 2011.

🇬🇧 I found this book incredibly helpful both as a rope bottom as well as rigger. It hasn't just positively changed my rope scenes but even my day to day life. Cannot recommend to this book highly enough no matter if you are a bottom or rigger, new to rope or been tying for years.
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🇺🇸 Blown away by this book. Well researched, with great depth and understanding. Natasha brings new life into the topic of being a bottom with her use of mindfulness, reflection, rich internal dialogue and experience as a bottom herself. A wonderful book! A +++
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🇩🇪 Nach den ersten 3 Kapiteln kann ich nur sagen: ein wirklich wunderbares, schön und authentisch geschriebenes Buch über self-awareness! Vieles darin dient nicht nur für rope sessions, sondern bestens auch für eine generell innere Haltung im Leben.
Joachim Bröse
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Somatics for Rope Bottoms

“Somatics for Rope Bottoms is an astonishing repository of body-based wisdom that will contribute tremendously to the exploding fields of somatic therapy and education”.                                                                            Joseph Kramer, Ph. D.